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A2 Automatisering develops custom-made software for over 17 years. With our experience of the past years we have grown into a company that guarantees quick and constructive solutions where customer service is paramount.


A2 Automatisering is a Dutch IT company founded in 1996. We are focused on small and medium businesses and provide them with practical, easy to use, effective and affordable software solutions.

When developing software, we take the knowledge of your employees into account and we try, wherever possible, to connect our solutions to software already in use by your organization. This ensures that our applications are easy and intuitive to use.

We know that the only way for us to be successful is for our customers to be successful. So we strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the solutions we deliver.


A2 designs, develops and implements custom-made software solutions build with the latest technologies. These solutions are realized in close cooperation with the customer and the user friendliness, stability, continuity and flexibility constantly have the focus.

A2 has developed two web applications.
A2 Trade Manager - a logistic trading application for companies that buy and sell petrochemical products.
A2 Campus - an online Learning Management System that tracks and manages the educational processes in an organization.

Furthermore A2 develops template solutions for the MS Office applications on a regular basis. These Office solutions vary from MS Access Database solutions to Excel, Word and PowerPoint templates to manage data flows, create reports, documents and presentations.

Recently A2 started with the development of mobile apps.


For web development, intranet solutions and web applications we use mostly open source software like: Drupal, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Symfony.

For the development of mobile apps we use: Android and IOS

For the development of MS Office templates and custom software solutions we us: Visual Basic en Visual Studio .NET

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Working with us

In the past 17 years A2 has accomplished many challenging projects and developed a wide range of custom-made software solutions for a variety of national and international companies.

A few references of the customers we have worked for and with can be found below.

Allerzorg Dell De Bijenkorf     Chemium
Transavia           Interchem       Canon Werken aan rekenen

A2 Campus is an online Learning Management System. It keeps track of and guides the educational and training processes within the organization. A2 Campus is the link between training courses, the employees and the management.

Managers have direct access to all data to trail and manage education, training courses and certificates at the level of teams and individual employees.

A wide range of data reports and overviews can be easily generated, exported, presented and printed.

A2 Trade Manager provides a practical, easy to use, effective and affordable solution to small and medium sized trading businesses.

A2 Trade Manager is the software solution that covers all administrative aspects of trading and distributing petrochemical products.

Immediate access to data at anytime and anywhere enables you to react instantly to changing market conditions and to keep a constant eye on the financial position of your company.

Since January 2014 A2 develops mobile apps. It involves apps that operate on mobile telephones and tablets both Apple and Android.

At first A2 aims at the development of “native apps”; executables that work without the help of a browser. These kind of apps are being developed in a platform specific language like Java for Android and Objective-C for iPhone.


The team of A2 consists of highly enthusiastic, driven and very skilled developers.
In a professional and friendly atmosphere the team works every day hard on the development of high-quality ICT solutions for all our customers.

For the last 8 years developers are being out-sourced regularly to various companies throughout the country. At the moment the team consists of 8 employees.

Besides all the hard work we like to go skiing or enjoy a beach holiday every other year with the entire team.

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